We're all aware of the natural disasters that have occurred just over the past few years.  Katrina.  Isaac.  Sandy.  Nemo.  Fires out west.  Floods in NJ.  We all see the emails that come from insurance companies, encouraging clients to take "before" and "after" pictures, and to have home inventories, so it is easier to prove ownership of lost items.

There are many booklets and templates that insurance companies give out, but less than 5% of those are ever used.  Why?  Because it takes time, and people don't have time and because they are just that;  booklets and templates.  They are not secure, robust database products that also offer the service of doing the work for the client.

There's a natural "fit" between CBData®'s Life Inventory™ Solutions and the services provided by Insurance firms.  We want to help you help your clients be proactive for when situations such as the above, occur.  And you, by recommending CBData
®'s Life Inventory™ Solutions and even giving a copy of CBData® as a "welcome" gift to new clients, diffentiate your services and your commitment to your clients, from others. 

You can even customize the "splash" page so that, every time one of your clients opens their copy of CBData®, they are reminded as to who gave it to them.

Be a firm that sets themselves apart from all the others.  Give the gift of "peace of mind" and make
a difference in your clients' lives. 

If it's important to them, it should be in their copy of CBData®