Whether you're a startup or a small business, IT is a critical part of your business. 

There is the physical aspect; all of the PCs, printers, servers, scanners, phones, tablets and software that is resident in your office, as well as the virtual aspect;  the online places where you utilize software, create your website and have a cloud based presence for social media. 

An IT Inventory includes not only knowing what you have but who has it and what passwords they've been given for access.

Most important are your business and marketing plans, your registrations, your BCDR (business continuity and disaster recovery) plan, your security model, your code, your patents, your copyrights and your trademarks. 

CBData® Pro has you covered on all fronts!  It even has a series of Trackers and Logs so you can keep track of all of the projects you're working on and who's been assigned which parts.

Key to any successful business is having all of your information organized, so that you know where you're headed, so you can benchmark where you are, currently, from where you stared, so you present a professional image to your clients and potential investors and so that you're prepared when auditors walk through your door. 

® Pro helps you accomplish all of these things...and much more!

If it's important to your business, it belongs in your copy of CBData
® Pro!