CBData® Personal Reports
The Personal Reports SubTab has a variety of reports that are generated by single screen views and combined views of the data in the Personal Tab.  Examples are a Service Provider’s Registry that a Member can use to quickly locate all of the Service Providers for one of their Residences and a Resume for future job searches. 

Below are a representative set of Personal Tab reports.  To see any of them, click on the report name, to the left, in the tree directory.

Address Book

With one click you can have a report of your personal contacts, with all of their emails, phone numbers and residential addresses. There is a relationship field, in personal contacts, that makes it easy to sort this report into meaningful groups. Additionally, the information in this report - and all reports - can be exported to an Excel format for use in other programs.

Residential Service Providers

The Residential Service Provider report maintains an updated list of household service providers (contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, decorators, favorite restaurants, etc.), for each family residence, commercial property, vacation home or all of the above. It lists the name of the service provider, the type of service, the phone number, the account number and notes that may be relevant.

Pet Passport

This report lists all of your pet’s information including license number, birth date, and veterinarian contact information. It also includes all of your pet’s medical history, including medications prescribed, immunizations, procedures, and diagnoses. You can even include your favorite picture of your pet!


The Resume Report includes your educational background, employment history, affiliations, awards and accolades and provides a free form section, at the top of the report, for you to emphasize your strengths and interests. The report can then be exported to rich text, for additional formatting or to PDF, to send out directly.

Passwords & Secure Locations

This report aggregates all of the passwords throughout the CBData® personal program. It documents all of your secure locations, such as your garage code, alarm code, safe deposit box(es), online banking passwords, home safe combination(s), passwords for locked computers, software passwords, frequent flyer numbers, bill paying, insurance and other online account passwords, ensuring that no one will have to worry about a “digital afterlife”, with open accounts that could be targets for identity theft.

Avery Labels

Make sending letters, holiday cards, and party invitations easy. Simply print out custom mailing labels to all or part of your address book. You can even print out a whole page of return address labels!