CBData® Pro CRM Reports
The CRM Reports SubTab has a variety of reports that are generated by single screen views and combined views of the data in the CRM SubTabs. 

Below are a representative set of CRM Tab reports.  To see any of them, click on the name, to the left, in the tree directory.


Our CRM (customer relationship management) module incorporates the most important elements of a CRM product and makes them easy to use.  Our Prospect Pipeline report tells you exactly who each prospect is, who brought them in, the high level particulars that you want and need to know, including "next steps".

Prospect Detail w/Log

If you want more information on one or more prospects, we have "detail" reports that let you filter by prospect, by status, by where they are in the sales process and by owner, with the detail Prospect Event Log included.


Customer support means everything to our firm and we would hope, to yours, as well!  For that reason, we've created a top level report that shows each client, their particulars and whatever the "next steps" are for you for follow up on with the client (so the client remains a client...).

Client Detail w/Log

If you want to drill down and see all the activity you've generated with a client, we have the"detail" report with the Client Event Log, so you can see every documented conversation and piece of correspondence that you've attached within that client's Log.

Marketing Resources

Do you use a Marketing Firm?  A Web Designer?  A Social Media Firm?  all of these require keeping track of communications and statuses of projects.  Marketing Resources comes with its own Log that documents whatever you want....by firm!

Marketing Tracker

Attach copies of your brochures, your press releases and your other marketing items, creating whatever categories you desire.  You can also use the Marketing Tracker as a way to keep track of your To-Do List, so you don't forget anything critical.

Sales Tracker

Keep track of leads lists from conferences or other types of events or even of each salesperson's commission rate.  Use Sales Tracker as a way to keep track of your Sales To-Do List, so you don't forget anything critical.