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CBData® Aggregators

CBData® Aggregators have taken our course to learn what a Life Inventory™ is and how to create one.  Many of them are members of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), a group of 4200+ people, nationally, that know how to professionally help both people and businesses "get organized".  From time management to coaching to organizing everything from closets to home offices to helping organize seniors, professional organizers are an invaluable resource to a family and/or business.  They have the requisite skill sets to manage a project, be supportive and reassuring and to "go the distance" to see a task successfully completed.

Once they have demonstrated successful completion of two Aggregation projects by producing references, have proof of general liability insurance and have a formal company, they become CBData® Certified Aggregators.
Top to Bottom Organization, LLC 
Get started now! I can help you aggregate all of your families important papers and information into a centralized
CBData® Life Inventory.
Servicing Northern New Jersey.

POSSE Partners, LLC.
Specializing in residential organizing in Northern NJ, teaching and implementing solutions and strategies for their personal organizing challenges.
Servicing Northern New Jersey.

Balanced Spaces offers professional organizing services in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Clients include government agencies, small business owners, professionals, and home-makers.
Servicing the Washington DC Metropolitan area.

Impact Organizing, LLC.
Our clients say that "getting organized" means peace of mind, because they can find what they need when they need it- at home, at work, or in between. Offering busy people a fresh outlook on order since 2003, Impact Organizing is owned and operated under the direction of Sarasota's only Certified Professional Organizer.
Servicing the Sarasota, Florida area.
In Order
In Order is a full-service organizing consulting firm. In business since 1994, Certified Professional Organizer© Deborah Gussoff helps clients organize their homes and home offices so they can spend their time doing the things they love, instead of being frustrated looking for things they can’t find.
Servicing Northern New Jersey.
Finders-Keepers is a professional home and business organizing company dedicated to helping you conquer your organizational challenges in less time, in a more stress-free environment. Giving you more time for all the things that are important to you is number one.
Servicing Northern New Jersey
ClutterSOS helps individuals enhance and take back control of their surroundings by developing simple yet effective organizing solutions that will work for them and teach them how to maintain those systems.
Servicing the Washington DC Metropolitan area.